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True Bayberry Candles

True Bayberry Candles


“A bayberry candle burned to the socket puts luck in the home, food in the larder, and gold in the pocket.”

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Since colonial times, the bayberry candle has been thought to bring luck to those who burned them on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Made from the waxy berries of the bayberry bush, they proved to be a pleasant alternative to the traditional tallow candle, which often smelled and smoked terribly. Although abundant throughout New England, the large quantity of berries needed to produce each candle made them a luxury only to be used on special occasions. If left over time, a dust, or “bloom,” will develop on the candle’s surface – a natural indicator of a true bayberry candle.

About the Maker: Since 1976 the Helsher family has been hand-dipping bayberry candles out of Manlius, New York, using an 1850’s carousel dipping wheel.

Each box includes two 6 inch candles that would fit a standard taper candle holder.

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Weight.7 lbs
Dimensions7 × 2.5 × 1 in

Date: April 30, 2023

Author: Adeline Clemons

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