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House of the Seven Gables Assorted Fine Tea

House of the Seven Gables Assorted Fine Tea


Sip a part of Salem’s heritage with one of our custom House of the Seven Gables teas.



Tea has played an integral role in Salem’s history and enduring legacy. A tradition carried over by the British and Dutch, tea quickly became an important part of social life for colonial Americans, especially among the upper class. This luxurious commodity was primarily sourced from distant Chinese ports, facilitated by the British East India Company. Its exclusivity to society’s elite established tea as a symbol of refinement and status and its growing popularity sparked a demand for equally lavish serveware, including teapots and teacups, to further enhance the tea-drinking experience.

During the mid-18th century, tensions escalated across the colonies over British taxation on tea, leading to smuggling and eventually contributed to the onset of the American Revolution in 1775. Following the revolution, American merchants gained the freedom to embark on their own voyages across the world, specifically targeting Chinese ports like Canton. One influential figure in providing New England access to the China Trade was Elias Hasket Derby, a native of Salem. His ship, The Grand Turk, once captained by Johnathan Ingersoll, cousin to House of the Seven Gables owner Samuel Ingersoll, made history as the first New England vessel to reach China. In May 1787, upon its triumphant return to Salem, the Grand Turk brought back over 500 chests of coveted Chinese tea. Derby’s success significantly contributed to the establishment of Salem as one of early America’s leading ports.

In the early 20th century, tea rooms grew in popularity across the United States, serving as elegant cafes that offered tea and light snacks in the afternoon to bridge the gap between meals. In the 1910s, with the establishment of the House of the Seven Gables, museum founder Caroline Emmerton, opened a tea room on the site. It provided visitors refreshments to be enjoyed amidst the scenic beauty of the gardens and harbor.



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Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Cinnamon Orange Spice

Date: August 7, 2023

Author: abuonaiuto

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