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Week 7 w/ H7G

Week seven here at The House of Seven Gables included heavy concentration on the upcoming Gables Fest. I did extensive work on social media, setting up daily Facebook posts promoting a sponsor or performer in the event, along with Instagram posts that include links to buy the tickets. In addition to the online presence of my Gables Fest promotion, I took to the streets and distributed posters to the local businesses all throughout the downtown Salem area.  Along with Gables Fest promotion, I also used social media to highlight Salem’s Black Picnic, a local historical holiday that highlights African American civil rights pertaining to legitimacy in the legal system and elections.

With Gables Fest as the main concentration, I also set my sights on some longer term projects that I have been able to work on. I have continued work on the museum store photography project, editing the remaining pictures so they will be adequate for use on the website. Also, I’ve begun working on the Youtube advertisement project, which consists of collecting pictures and compiling them into a slide show for a series of 3 Youtube advertisements.

Date: July 26, 2018

Author: sperling

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