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Third Week at The Gables

It’s been an exciting third week here at The Gables! I was given some free time to go around and explore a little bit of Salem to get more of an immersive picture of the town The Gables exists within. It remains quaint, picturesque, and charming in my mind. The museums in Salem offer quite different experiences for its visitors so I was happy to have the chance to experience a few. The Gables exists as an excellent compliment to the history and culture of the town.

I am continuing the work of our interpretive plan survey collection and have received many more responses to review. I am also eager to delve further into the ongoing project of provenance research for some of our more allusive collections objects. Knowing the origin and history of an object is crucial for a museum and historic site, therefore the work of sifting through decades old archival and collections notes is supremely worth it.

Date: June 27, 2018

Author: sperling

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