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Second Week at The Gables

My second week at The Gables consisted of many new and interesting projects as I entered into planning for the upcoming Hawthorne 101 and Photo Hunt. This was an opportunity for me to gain a better understanding of the work that goes into designing, planning, and implementing successful public programming. I’m excited to continue work in developing this program into being the best it can be for our visitors.

Another large part of my second week was interpretive planning survey collecting in which I conducted both entry and exit surveys for our guests. I was able to secure a fairly high level of participation and those responses will ultimately guide The Gables to improving the site, its tours, and the experiences visitors have here. Tonight I am participating in the Summer Solstice Yoga program so I can learn some yoga and experience a nice evening on the harbor!

Date: June 20, 2018

Author: sperling

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