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My summer internship here at The House of Seven Gables offers me the chance to gain valuable experience working in the field I’ve spent the past 3 years studying. Here, I’ll have the opportunity to work on projects that consist of management of social media networks that are relevant to the museum, e.g. facebook, instagram, as well as work on reputation management through consumer driven websites such as TripAdvisor. Also, the internship allows me to sit in on marketing meetings and learn technique and execution on a professional level.

As well as the valuable experience in marketing/social media management The House of the Seven Gables offers, it also provides a wealth of historical significance. The internships allows the opportunity to explore and learn the history of the house and Salem through their research library as well as the museum itself. The House of the Seven Gables also gives me the opportunity to both work on and observe the day to day functions of a historical museum.

Date: June 14, 2018

Author: sperling

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