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Visiting Salem this Winter

Visiting Salem in winter is a fun and unique adventure. Far removed from the massive high season crowds, February has a quiet energy that is a pleasure to experience, especially if you enjoy being outdoors. Many indoor experiences have limited hours and capacities due to the surge of COVID-19 in Massachusetts, so this year especially we recommend bundling up and heading outside.

The Gables offers two walking audio tours of Salem that are available to purchase year-round. “Hawthorne’s Shadow: An Intimate Tour of Salem” is an acted tour designed to give visitors the impression that the author himself is taking you on a tour of his city from The House of the Seven Gables to the Salem Witch Trials Memorial. “Passages of the Past” offers a more personal history of Salem from the perspectives of the people who don’t make it into the history books. Enslaved people, indentured servants, and immigrants fleeing war and looking for opportunity who landed in the Derby St. Neighborhood speak about their experiences in this acted audio tour. This tour is a loop through the neighborhood, beginning and ending at The House of the Seven Gables.

>>Click here for “Hawthorne’s Shadow” and “Passages of the Past”<<

Join Salem February 10-13 for the 20th year of the Salem’s so Sweet Festival, brought to you by Salem Main Streets and the Salem Chamber of Commerce. The House of the Seven Gables and Ye Old Pepper Candy Companie will have an ice sculpture in The Gables parking lot on Saturday and Sunday, which will be illuminated on Saturday night. The Gables is also planning two in-person, outdoor family events that weekend. On Saturday morning, weather permitting, we will make snow sculptures on the seaside lawn. On Sunday, in collaboration with Salem Park, Recreation & Community Services, families are invited to a sweet scavenger hunt throughout The Gables historic site, with prizes and hot chocolate. Preregistration is required for both events. See our event calendar for details.

New England weather can be unpredictable. Layers, warm socks, and sturdy waterproof shoes are going to be your best friend for winter outings. We hope you enjoy the winter beauty of our coastal city as much as we do.

Date: February 11, 2022

Author: Holly Watson

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