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What’s New in the Settlement House?

Thanks to a major funding boost from the Cummings Foundation we are excited to announce that we are searching for our next Settlement and Education Programs Manager. If you are fluent in English and Spanish and passionate about education, you can click here to learn more and apply.

Meet our Settlement House Staff 

Nestor Grullon is the citizenship educator for The House of the Seven Gables settlement program. For Nestor, the classes and preparation for the United States citizenship interview process are just the beginning of his work. “I want my students to keep growing – to register to vote, get involved in the election process, and get a U.S. passport,” he says. These important steps help new citizens get better jobs and bring their families to the states.

Nestor’s pride shines in his students. “I am so proud that I have helped many people who have become U.S. citizens from our program,” he says. Nestor kept up student relationships and motivation during the pandemic, even when The Gables was unable to offer a more structured program. Prior to the pandemic, Nestor worked in the printing industry and hopes to be able to return to his profession soon. For now, he keeps busy being an inspiration to his students and playing percussion instruments with a small Latin jazz band.

Date: July 1, 2021

Author: sperling

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