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New Features of The Gables’ Research Library – an Exclusive Member Benefit!

The Research Library – A Member Benefit


Last spring, our Research Library organized by Visitor Services Specialist, Will Demick, we introduced as a member benefit. Thanks to new donations from staff and acquisitions from our library wish-list nearly 1,000 books and periodicals are now available for members to devour.

New additions include issues of Essex Institute Historical Collections and Historic New England’s Old-Time New England. These new periodical sources are treasure troves of information and time capsules of historiography. Our earliest issue of Old-Time New England, for example, is from April of 1914.

Another interesting acquisition that came to us by mail is a memoir of a young girl raised with the help of the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne — an order of nuns founded by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s youngest daughter, Rose. The memoir is dedicated to Hawthorne’s memory and in Flannery O’Conner’s introduction to the text she writes extensively about both Nathaniel and Rose.

Not only are new periodicals and books in the library but also a new computer and printer/scanner making it easy for members to explore our offerings and request copies.

Our Research Library is available exclusively to members of The House of the Seven Gables. We are excited to share these incredible resources with you! Visit to explore our collection and for details on how to schedule an appointment. We hope to see you soon!

Date: February 28, 2020

Author: Sarah Garriepy

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