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What’s Happening This Week?

We’ve had a great kickoff to the Haunted Happenings month. Thanks to our visitors from all over the world, country, and region who have made the first two weeks so much fun for us! There’s more in store this week. Don’t miss out on our family-friendly Wicked Wednesdays on October 16, the Great Salem Pumpkin Walk on October 17, and a full weekend of October Performances on October 18 and 19. There is certainly a little something for everyone!

We’re taking advantage of gathering up some feedback this month for our Kids’ Cove and Counting House area. Over the past year, we have been working on how we want to share our history and stories with people who visit us and our young visitors are no exception! We look forward to creating a family-friendly experience. If you visit us this month, be sure to take our Scavenger Hunt and share your thoughts on how we can make things more fun (and dare we say, educational!)!

Our preservation carpenter is taking advantage of the nice fall days to continue with clapboard repairs on the Phippen House. This building is not a part of the visitor experience but does serve as office, meeting, and living space for our staff. Two porticos and doors have been repaired in the last few months. If you’d like to support our preservation efforts, we always welcome donations!

Date: October 13, 2019

Author: sperling

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