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What’s Happening This Week?

We’re so excited to announce that after months of waiting for the right weather, our painters have finally dodged enough raindrops to complete the painting of The House of the Seven Gables! The house is now well-protected for the coming years. We’d like to send a special thank you to the team at Aubuchon Hardware in Haverhill for the donation of paint for this project. If you come for a visit, be sure to take some pictures for instagram with our late-spring blooms and beautifully updated 1668 historic house museum.

On Wednesday, we’ll be starting our prototype work on our new Interpretive and Engagement Plan. Our staff has been working with ObjectIDEA, a Salem-based museum consulting firm, over the past year to determine the best way to share our history and stories with our visitors. We’ll be sharing some new and unique stories in the Attic and starting to take visitors through the Dining Room Chamber. Around our grounds, you’ll start to see some temporary signage sharing information about the various buildings on the museum campus. Our staff will also be working on some flora identification guides to help our visitors better understand the unique plantings in our gardens. This is just the start and we can’t wait for your feedback and to make The House of the Seven Gables an even more unique place to relax, rewind, and rediscover the past!

There is still room at next week’s lecture! How I Became an Emoji Activist is the third in our series of seven lectures, focusing on an array of pop culture over the past century. Emojis are most certainly a more modern history and communication method, but have become a ubiquitous and quick way to share ideas, feelings, and emotions in a fast-paced world. Don’t miss out on your chance to hear Jenny 8. Lee, the vice-chair for emoji selection at Unicode, for this amazing discussion!

Lastly, thanks to all that have supported our 2019 Annual Fund. We have a goal to raise $60,000 this year and need your support. Our Annual Fund helps us to preserve our property, share our stories, and provide educational opportunities. Whether you can give $700 or $7, we appreciate any show of support for the work that we do!

Date: May 20, 2019

Author: sperling

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