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Choose your own adventure…

Monday, July 10, is going to be a big day at The House of the Seven Gables. We are delighted to announce that we’ll have two new rooms on tour–one restored and one waiting for your input!

The Accounting Room has been closed since January 2015. The room has been restored to an earlier configuration. Return visitors will not only find this space more expansive and comfortable, but they’ll also see a brand new look! The restoration process for the Accounting Room will take us to a look that hearkens to the Federal era–but a story that expands over the past 350 years.

After learning about the Turner, Ingersoll, and even the Hawthorne connection to the Accounting Room, visitors will walk past an original gunstock post and be among the first members of the public to see the Dining Room Chamber in its post-construction phase. Between January – May 2016, this space underwent a major structural restoration project. Staff and researchers are currently gathering up historical information as well as data from our visitors about what is most compelling in the space. We would love for you to help us “choose our own adventure” and fill out a survey after your guided tour.

Can’t visit us in the near future? Check out this sneak peek of the spaces!

Date: July 8, 2017

Author: sperling

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