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Director's Message for Our Summer 2014 Newsletter!

Newsletter Summer 2014 Blog Images KaraSince starting here at The Gables a little over a year ago, I have been continually inspired by the type and level of activity that occurs here. As always, you can see glimpses in the following articles from our talented and dedicated staff. However, I would like to highlight and celebrate a few especially significant items, since they so clearly illustrate The Gables’ commitment to its dual mission, to preserve and to serve.

On the preservation side, I am pleased to announce that after much planning, fundraising, and documentation, we have finally begun some critical preservation and restoration work. At this very moment, I can see skilled workers from Napco removing deteriorated asphalt shingles from the roof of the Hooper-Hathaway House (1682). Under the direction of our Preservation and Maintenance Director, they will replace those shingles with period-appropriate wooden roof shingles according to plans prepared by preservation architect Bill Finch. They will also replace failing gutters with period-appropriate copper gutters. This important work will not only preserve the inside of the historically significant structure, it will also give visitors a more historically authentic glimpse of First Period Architecture.

This preservation project is both critical and highly visible. It is also very expensive! We could not preserve the Hooper-Hathaway House so faithfully without your support and that of MassDevelopment and the Mass Cultural Council. Thank you!

While this work is truly critical, there was one day we had to ask the roofers to discontinue working for the day due to another very significant event at The Gables. On June 29th, The Gables hosted a naturalization ceremony on our oceanfront lawn. This event brought the other side of our dual mission–service to the immigrant community–into full view. I had the distinct privilege of welcoming 25 citizenship candidates from 14 different countries and the honor of witnessing as they took their oaths of U.S. citizenship.

While The Gables hosts many special events on our campus, I cannot think of a more appropriate ceremony than this to occur at The House of the Seven Gables Settlement Association. I believe our founder, Caroline Emmerton, who was so dedicated to helping newly arrived immigrants settle in this community, would have been as honored as I was to participate in such a momentous occasion.

This exciting mix of projects and celebrations, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with staff, volunteers, and supporters like you who make them all possible, make for a memorable, challenging, and always worthwhile experience for me.

I look forward to having more opportunities to discuss with you everything that is happening now and the many exciting programs, projects, and events that are coming soon.

With appreciation for your support,

Kara McLaughlin

Date: August 4, 2014

Author: sperling

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