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October Theatrical Performances

The 17th century House of the Seven Gables literally comes alive every October when the Museum transforms itself into a theatrical entertainment venue. During three of the Haunted Happening weekends this year, visitors will have the opportunity to see two of the famous houses at the site in a new light. In keeping with a tradition that has lasted almost two decades, actors take up residence in each room and portray characters that have made the houses so famous. Many of these actors have been playing their roles for a number of years and the professionalism of the performances is outstanding. Past seasons have consistently been awarded rave reviews from both the general public and noted publications. Many customers consistently return year after year as part of their Halloween tradition.

presented in The House of the Seven Gables



As the title suggests, Spirits of the Gablesresurrects the characters from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s famous novel of the same name.  The author was a frequent visitor to this notorious house when his second cousin Susannah Ingersoll was in residence.  Her stories of her childhood home inspired Hawthorne to create a story of two fictional families who owned the property.  Matthew Maule, the first owner, is cheated out of his home by a conviction of witchcraft…but not without exacting revenge.  He curses his accuser, Colonel Pyncheon, with the words, “God will give you blood to drink!”   Nevertheless, Pyncheon takes over the property, intending to make it his family home. His tenure, however, is short-lived due to gruesome events, but his descendants stubbornly continue to reside in the home. The consequence is that some member of every Pyncheon generation is destined to die a mysterious death.

Theater goers will meet not only the most tormented spirit of The Gables, Matthew Maule, but also all members of the final generation who lived in the house.  They share their stories and predicaments and the audience can only sympathize with their dilemmas. The house takes on a sinister atmosphere as the audience gradually learns more of the story.  The final exit is a welcome relief into the fresh air, but most people continue onto the story of the next theatrical experience……..



presented in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Birth Place 

Nathaniel Hawthorne constantly dwelled on his ancestral line and was haunted by the deeds of his ancestors.  His great- great grandfather, Judge Hathorne, was the most notorious judge presiding over the 1692 Witch Trials and the only judge who refused to recant any misdoings. No wonder the author added a “w” to his name to distance himself from his forbears.  He wanted no association with such an infamous background.  Nevertheless, that history invaded his conscience and most likely spurred some of his greatest writings.


As theatre goers enter the Hawthorne Birth Place, Nathaniel Hawthorne is once again back in his childhood home attempting to write. He is happy to share his story with his visitors who can plainly discern his troubled mind, all because of his ancestor, who just happens to be in the very next room.  Beware, any visitor may be accused of “writing in the Devil’s book” and be subjected to the same turmoil of so many innocents in 1692!

The audience continues through each room of the house, meeting those victims and their accusers. Once again, an exit finally presents itself and the house and its eerie story can be left behind. Visitors will then find welcome relief in the charming gift store just next door, housed in the oldest building on the site and stocked with many items to remind them of their adventure.


October 11, 12, 13: 7:30PM-9:30PM
October 11, 12, 13: 7:35PM-9:30PM
October 18, 19, 25, 26: 7:15PM-11:00PM
October 18, 19, 25, 26: 7:20PM-11:00PM
October 31: 7:15PM-10:00PM

October 31: 7:20PM-10:00PM
Performances begin every 5 – 10 minutes as each audience proceeds to the next room.
Each individual performance lasts approximately 35 minutes.
Combo show times are spaced one hour apart with the two-show experience lasting about 90 minutes.
Pricing for individuals:
Single Performance: $15.00
Both Performances (Combo): $27.00
Pricing for groups of 10 or more:
Single Performance: $14.00
Both Performances (Combo): $25.00
Advance reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 978-744-0991 x104.
All credit cards are accepted.
Online booking is not available at this time.
Tickets can be purchased at the site on show days depending on availability.

Date: September 30, 2013

Author: sperling

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