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Settlement House garden bursts with life!

August 20, 2012 Published By sperling
We are in the midst of August already and before you know it, school will be back in session and the Settlement House will be welcoming back the students from Salem Prep. Salem Prep Program is part of the Salem Public School system. They offer classes to students who have difficulty learning in traditional classrooms – perhaps they aren’t proficient in English, or have learning disabilities. For every two students in any given classroom, there is one teacher, so the students get extra attention and care.

In the spring, a few of the Gables’ staff assisted the students from Salem Prep in putting in a garden – primarily potatoes, onions, carrots and squash. Well, the garden has flourished, to say the very least!

Here is the “before” picture taken in May shortly after the garden was planted:

Well after a long, very hot, very humid summer, the garden is bursting with life! Here it is, in all its glory as of August 27th!

The garden on site at The Gables is also in its full summer glory. We hope you’ll visit us soon and take advantage of these beautiful summer days we’re still enjoying.

This post was written by sperling