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House of the Seven Gables Teapot

House of the Seven Gables Teapot


Elevate your tea-drinking routine with the porcelain House of the Seven Gables Teapot.

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Tea has played an integral role in Salem’s history and enduring legacy. Originating from traditions carried over by the British and Dutch, tea quickly became an important part of social life for colonial Americans, especially among the upper class. This luxurious commodity was primarily sourced from distant Chinese ports, facilitated by the British East India Company. Its exclusivity to society’s elite established tea as a symbol of refinement and status and its growing popularity sparked a demand for equally lavish serveware, including teapots and teacups, to further enhance the tea-drinking experience.

A variety of such serveware found its place within the House of the Seven Gables. The 1743 probate inventory of John Turner II boasts a range of Chinese export cups and saucers. Additionally, items such as a “tea pott,” “milk pott,” and several “sugar potts” were discovered in the great chamber and “Best Room,” or parlor. In 1768, Mary Kitchen Turner, his wife, left behind records of “1 small delft teapot,” and “1 old fashion ovil tea table” in her probate. Similarly, their son, John Turner III, listed “1 copper tea kettle” and “1 tea chest” in his 1787 probate.

Crafted from fine porcelain and adorned with a rosebud knob, the House of the Seven Gables Teapot serves as a sophisticated vessel for your preferred tea. Its front showcases an image of the House of the Seven Gables as seen from Turner Street, originally painted by local Salem artist Racket Shreve.

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Date: August 31, 2023

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