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House of the Seven Gables Delft Tankard

House of the Seven Gables Delft Tankard


Remember your trip to Salem with every sip you take from this beautifully crafted keepsake.

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Delftware is a tin-glazed earthenware that originated in the Netherlands during the 16th century and is identifiable by its soft blue designs. Delftware was a popular import for 17th century America until the 1651 Navigation Act was implemented by King Charles II to prohibit trade between the colonies and the Dutch. English made delftware (lowercase d) then became a popular product within colonial America.

Delftware was owned by the House of the Seven Gables’ very own Mary Kitchen Turner, who lived in the house until her death in 1768. Mary was the widow of the wealthiest Turner, sea captain John Turner II, who died in 1742. Her probate lists Delftware multiple times, from Delft trays, plates, and cups to Delft teapots and punch bowls.

This Delft tankard was handmade in Holland exclusively for the House of the Seven Gables. It features highly detailed images of both the House of the Seven Gables and Salem’s 1797 Friendship, a vessel that made fifteen voyages across the world. Use it to consume your favorite beverages or as a decorative item to display in your kitchen, dining room, or office.


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Date: April 30, 2023

Author: Adeline Clemons

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