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Hawthorne Quote Plaque

Hawthorne Quote Plaque


Bring the timeless familial wisdom of Nathaniel Hawthorne into your home.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne, renowned for his literary masterpieces The Scarlet Letter and The House of the Seven Gables, left behind a legacy marked by his passion and dedication, evident in both his published writings and personal letters. More than a century after their initial composition, a comprehensive volume of Hawthorne’s letters to friends and loved ones was published, proving to be every bit as captivating as his celebrated stories. Within these letters, one finds Hawthorne’s profound insights into the significance of family.

The quote, “Every true & happy family is a soul-system that outshines all the solar-systems in space & time,” was conveyed in a letter to Horatio Bridge, a friend and former Bowdoin classmate of Hawthorne. It served as a heartfelt congratulations to Bridge and his new bride in December of 1846, a pivotal year for the Hawthorne family. During this period, Nathaniel, his wife Sophia, and their young daughter Una, had recently resettled in Salem, taking up residence in a small house on Chestnut Street. Hawthorne had just taken on the role of surveyor of the Custom House, overseeing the Salem harbor on Derby Street. One June 5th, less than three weeks after the publication of Mosses from an Old Manse, and six months prior to the composition of this particular letter, their second child, Julian, was welcomed into the world.

The Hawthorne Quote Plaque is a ceramic, hangable piece, made in the USA.

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