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Staff Spotlight: Julie O’Meara

Julie O’Meara, Historical Interpreter


How long have you been working at The House of the Seven Gables? 

“This is my 14th year!”


What interested you in The Gables?

“This was back in the days when they had ads in the newspaper. My friend saw the ad and called me, and I had been volunteering at a museum in Ipswich. I answered the ad!”


What is your favorite room in the Mansion? 

“The Great Chamber. People are always so surprised when they walk in. It’s so different from what they’ve seen up until that point.”


What is your favorite coffee or food spot in Salem? 

“The Wolf Next Door. Not only do they have good coffee, but they have good sandwiches. They have a veggie sandwich with avocado that I get a lot.”


Do you have any fun stories from your experience as an Interpreter?

“Recently, I had a woman come on tour with her service animal: combination Great Dane Mastiff, 165 pounds, brindle, very tall. Beautiful dog, beautiful animal! He didn’t want to go up the Secret Staircase. He poked his nose in, and then backed up real fast. But his owner wanted to do it, and felt like he could do it. So up he went!”


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Date: March 1, 2024

Author: Julia Wacker

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