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What’s New in Preservation: Counting House Updates

Inside the Counting House, we are creating some brand-new activities for kids!

Illustrations of 12-year-old Ebenezer Ingersoll, a onetime resident of The House of the Seven Gables, will guide visitors through life on board a 1700’s ship. Visitors will be able to rummage through the desk drawers of a seafaring merchant, guide ships through historic trade routes, try their hand at the essential shipboard skill of knot tying, and much more!

Step outside the counting house and board the Sukey and Betsy, a simple model ship, where you can steer a ship’s wheel, raise the flag, and imagine firing a signal cannon.

Meanwhile, our preservation team has worked hard on repairs to the Counting House and model ship. Worn clapboards have been replaced, and rotted windows, doors and trim repaired with care. New paint colors have been selected to brighten up the building interior for children and bring new life into the space. The Counting House will soon be ready inside and out. We’re so excited for our young (and young at heart) visitors to explore and learn with us!

Date: October 10, 2022

Author: sperling

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