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In the Garden – April Edition

Tulips in The Gables seaside garden with view of the ducks statue by Beverly Benson Seamans

Tulips are the centerpiece of our spring gardens. They usually bloom late April/early May, depending on the weather. The incredible team that designs and maintains our seaside gardens has planted the same variety of tulips in the same pattern every year for the past 60 years. Our tulips are Darwin Hybrids in Pink Impression, Ivory Florade, and Golden Oxford. Tulips are perennials, planted in November during the annual garden cleanup. About 50-60 percent come back every year.

After the tulips bloom, they are slowly trimmed down as they ripen (turn brown). This stops the flower drawing nutrients from the blub. Allowing the bulb to retain more nutrients promotes better growth next season. Gardeners also plant alyssum and pansies — cold weather annuals — along the edges of the raised beds. They go in very early in the spring and can take a cold snap (and even a snow storm).

We invite you to purchase a grounds pass and bring your coffee, tea, or lunch, sit on our newly repainted garden furniture, and enjoy our seaside gardens. The gardens and grounds are always free for Gables members.

Date: April 28, 2022

Author: Holly Watson

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