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Adventuring Next Door

Hi, my name is Holly, and I am the newest member of the marketing team here at The Gables. A quick recap if you missed my introduction post: I am new to Salem and sharing my adventures as I explore this beautiful city.  

For my first few excursions I stayed close to home here at The Gables. Somehow the theme of adventuring next door coincided with a food theme! I love a cup of coffee and a breakfast pastry to start my day, so I checked out the offerings nearby on Derby Street. 

First up was Wolf Next Door Coffee, which is aptly named as it is only a block away from The Gables. They offer coffee, tea, espresso, and much more, and have many options for customization. They also offer breakfast pastries and sandwiches, as well as lunch options. I had a lovely café au lait and an everything bagel which started my busy day off right! 

A few days later I headed further into town past the Salem Maritime National Historic Site to Jaho Coffee and Tea. I tried their Nutella specialty latte, coffee with hazelnut and chocolate, and a chocolate croissant. The latte was excellent, and I enjoyed eating my pastry while walking back past the Friendship of Salem, which is fast becoming one of my favorite spots here in Salem. 

I am truly spoiled when it comes to breakfast options by The Gables. I stopped by Jean Louis Pasta Shop for a fresh-baked almond croissant and will definitely be going back! The croissant was still warm from the oven and perfectly flaky. I also picked up a bag of his handmade pasta which I am looking forward to making soon. 

Ye Olde Pepper Companie is the oldest candy company in America. I popped in to figure out just what a Gibraltar, one of their signature candies, actually is. It turns out they are hard, sugar-based candies that come in two flavors, lemon and peppermint, and are still hand-produced using traditional methods from over 200 years ago. I may have walked away with a few pieces of fudge too!

Hot summer evenings in New England call for ice cream, so I had to check out Captain Dusty’s Ice Cream’s Salem location which is just a block down Derby Street from The Gables. I had my go-to for a new ice cream place, which is always a coffee frappe, and it was delicious! Fun fact, in many parts of New England ordering a milkshake will get you milk and syrup blended until foamy. If you want ice cream in your shake you’ll need to order a frappe!

Photo of Wolf Next Door Coffee Shop Window with Logo   A photo of an iced coffee from Jaho Coffee and Wine Bar in Salem Massachusetts   Photo of an almond croissant from Jean Louis Pasta Shop in Salem Massachusetts   Photo of the front of Ye Olde Pepper Companie Candy Store in Salem Massachusetts   Photo of the front of Captian Dusty's Ice Cream on Derby Street in Salem Massachusetts

The front window of Wolf Next Door, the Nutella latte from Jaho, the almond croissant from Jean Louis Pasta Shop, Ye Olde Pepper Companie, and Captain Dusty’s.

Thank you to everyone who made suggestions on our Instagram post! I am keeping track of them and hope to get to as many as possible. If you would like to suggest a place or experience I should be sure not to miss, you can head over to our Facebook or Instagram and send it to me there. 

Date: July 29, 2021

Author: Holly Watson

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