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Former Gables Intern Named Fulbright Scholar

We have an outstanding group of intern alumni from The House of the Seven Gables who have moved on to careers in museums, education, journalism, and event planning. Our staff appreciates the hard work and fresh, creative thinking that comes with mentoring new interns.


Kala Brzezinski interned with our Community Engagement team during the summer of 2018 while working on her master’s level Museum Studies program at Tufts University. Kala wanted a “taste” of everything and supported projects ranging from collections management, marketing, and public programs. She helped launch our summer yoga partnership with Wild Sea Wellness, served birthday cake in honor of Nathaniel Hawthorne at our Celebrate the Fourth event, and was a key member of the planning committee for our 350th-anniversary celebration – Gables Fest.

In her work on the Fulbright proposal, she wrote about her connections with Gables Fest. “The program showcased the vast complex nature of community while simultaneously celebrating its past and ongoing settlement work and history on site. The culmination of planning showed me the potential of what a museum can be as a community resource. Programming needs to be community-driven to inspire and intrigue individuals who otherwise may not have an interest or a point of access to a museum or historic site. That way a museum can remain dynamic and ever-changing—in similar nature to the communities that surround it.”

She proposed to design, troubleshoot and implement new programs and community outreach at the Hugh Lane (a.k.a. the Dublin City Gallery) in Dublin, Ireland. One key element in the project is a program designed around “outsider” artists—individuals not from Ireland but instead are immigrants or new community members. This program would support recognition for the artists and new connections and growth for the Hugh Lane.

Please join us in congratulating Kala on this amazing achievement.

Date: May 31, 2021

Author: sperling

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