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Thank you Mass Humanities!!!!

The staff at The Gables strives to provide educational experiences for visitors of all ages. Whether someone is climbing the secret staircase for the first time or taking an open-air wander on the site, we want our visitors to leave with an understanding of our complete American story.

In 2020, we canceled all of our booked school groups. Typically, we provide field trips and a series of unique education programs to approximately 10,000 school-age children each year. Like everything else, the pandemic upended the way we worked with students.

Thanks to Mass Humanities, we are excited to announce a remote version of our grades 2-5 program, Naumkeag Settlers to Salem Shippers. In this program, students discover what daily life was like for three young Massachusetts Bay Colonists in the 1600s. For the in-person program, students explore first-hand the preparation of a “samp” breakfast; card raw wool and finger spin yarn; and enjoy colonial games in authentic surroundings.

Prior to the pandemic, Visitor Services Specialist Kaylee Redard spearheaded updates to this program. She reviewed curriculum standards and added more inclusive information about the Naumkeag people, servants, and enslaved people, and women who would have been a part of the story. In December she and Visitor Services Specialist Will Demick envisioned a remote version of this program. They teamed up to create it – not just to support educators in the pandemic but also to support long-time requests from educators around the country who provide our high-quality programs for their classrooms.

Funding from Mass Humanities allowed The Gables to purchase up-to-date equipment and training for live streaming our remote education programs. Through December 31, 2021, Massachusetts teachers are welcome to book the remote version of Naumkeag Settlers to Salem Shippers for free. Teachers and educators can email to start the booking process.

Date: May 30, 2021

Author: sperling

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