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What’s New in the Settlement House?

Our spring semester of ESL and citizenship preparedness classes has resumed! It is such a joy to see our students back in the classroom and ready to take their education to the next level.

In 2021, the classroom is certainly unique! This year we are thrilled to partner with the Peabody Essex Museum. PEM is graciously providing much-needed space for Gables’ instructors to teach adult English language learners throughout the spring and summer.

Each month, we’ll also be introducing you to a member of our instructional staff. Yamily Byas is an administrator for the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, founder of Mamás Unidas, and teacher of ESL Level One students for The House of the Seven Gables. “I love to teach ESL because it’s personal. My parents are Dominican immigrants who came to this country not knowing English. [They needed to learn it] to able to get a job. Also, I love connecting with students from all over the world and learning their culture and their language. I get to teach them English so they can get a job, go to school, talk with their doctor, be able to communicate with their children’s teachers, and become U.S. citizens.”

When Ms. Byas isn’t being a leader in the community, she is the proud mom to Jayden.

Date: May 2, 2021

Author: sperling

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