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What’s New in the Settlement House?

In-person ESL and citizenship classes resume on Tuesday, April 27!!

Over the past few months, Executive Director Kara McLaughlin has been working with a team of volunteers to survey past students about their interest and availability to return to in-person classes. This volunteer corps texted, called, and had conversations with past students and potential new students. The great news? Our students are ready to get back to the classroom!

Finding the space for these classes has also been a challenge. Prior to the pandemic, The Gables had a strong partnership with Salem Academy Charter School. Their focus now is to bring their grade 6 – 12 students back to the classroom. Happily, the Peabody Essex Museum has agreed to partner with our program and donate space for our spring classes.

Our next steps are to hire a part-time program manager to help with hiring teachers and working with students on their safe return to classes. We’ll be working on outreach in our community in the coming weeks and look forward to welcoming our students back.

Date: April 6, 2021

Author: sperling

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