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Interpretive Plan Update

Planning for our future is a continuous process. We are currently identifying, planning, and executing within the guidelines of our Interpretive Plan. As of November, we have been diligently working on these four areas, amongst others:

Dining Room Chamber Enhanced Prototype: After evaluating data collected from staff and visitors, we are spending the remainder of the year testing and enhancing a version of the prototype that shares the interpretive concept of “built by maritime wealth, popularized by Hawthorne, and saved by service to Salem.”

Tour Modifications: The interpretive team, alongside various groups of staff, is working on the modified tour outline project. The anticipated timeline to debut the public tour will be when the site reopens on January 17. This timeline gives the staff time to train during our January shutdown period.

Counting House: During the busy November season, our interpretive team collected over 800 pieces of feedback related to the visitor experience at Kids Cove and the Counting House. A newly formed Counting House staff committee hosted two focus groups on November 10. We anticipate unveiling a refreshed Counting House and Kids Cove visitor experience by early June 2020.

Site Signage: Various members of the staff have completed work on phase 2 of the site signage project. Signage is being designed and procured internally by the marketing coordinator. We anticipate having all signage ordered by the end of 2019 and installed in spring 2020.

Date: December 1, 2019

Author: Sarah Garriepy

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