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An Evening of Comic Book History and Fun

The House of the Seven Gables: An Illustrated Classic will be the final lecture in our POP! Goes The Gables series. 

Jack Butterworth is the owner of one of the largest comic art collections in New England. Join us as he shares some insider stories behind the two comic book versions of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The House of the Seven Gables. This lecture will be held Sunday, December 1, 2 p.m., at The House of the Seven Gables.

A Salem resident, Butterworth is a former newspaper reporter and occasional comic book writer as well as collector. He became a serious comic book enthusiast in 1974. This marked an exciting time when many of the earliest comic book creators were still alive. Butterworth met the surviving co-founder of Classics Illustrated, Mike Kanter, and two of its former art directors, Jerry Iger and L.B. Cole, and he has stories to share about them all.

People attending will have the opportunity to see original art from The House of Seven Gables, Kidnapped, Toilers of the Sea and other Classics Illustrated publications.

Classics Illustrated was ahead of its time in many ways. They published the first graphic novels in America as well as the first horror comics. They published two graphic versions of The House of Seven Gables in 1947, and again in 1958, and were one of the first comic book companies to hire female editors, writers, and artists.

Hawthorne himself might have enjoyed the stories Butterworth will share. Join us for an entertaining evening of comic book history and fun.

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Date: October 31, 2019

Author: Sarah Garriepy

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