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Sharing our stories – an update

We want to keep our friends and fans abreast of our interpretive planning project which is in full swing this summer! If you are not familiar with the term, interpretation at historic sites is the communication process that helps visitors to best understand stories, collections, and events. It helps to bring meaning to our site and enhances appreciation.

Our interpretive planning process helped us to identify a number of places where we could better share history and stories. Through May and June, our guide staff helped us to test out three unique tours of the Dining Room Chamber. Our special projects manager is working on a final report and we’ll be sure to let you know what path we’ll be taking.

The staff is collecting feedback about the welcome experience at our Visitor Center. We want to create an environment that allows the visitor to learn about the basics of our site before going on tour and what their overall experience will be like. Our admissions staff has been working on brainstorming the ‘perfect’ layout as well as where to place exhibitions and share information.

At the end of each month, we’ll be sending an all-staff summary of what has been happening with the interpretive plan. As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas as we move along with this process! Thanks to everyone for taking a role in this. Our goal is to complete prototyping and data collection as quickly and completely as possible so we can move towards funding and implementation.

Our interpretive team is exploring the options to use the Hooper-Hathaway House as an education center. We had an enlightening visit from the State Historical Records Advisory Board as a first step about how and where we can best care for and store our archival material and make it accessible to the public.

Stay tuned for our monthly updates on our progress!

Date: August 17, 2019

Author: sperling

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