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A Perfect Summer Day in Salem

by Special Projects Manager, Julie Arrison-Bishop

I might work at one of the most beloved historic sites in Salem, but I also love spending leisure time in Salem. We’ve had a number of friends visit and here are some of the fun ways we have spent a day.

BBQ at Waikiki Beach/Winter Island:

A few times we have rented a campsite at Winter Island and have had a group of friends join us for a day of food and fun by the sea. Waikiki is an absolute hidden gem of a beach North of Boston.  The beach is rarely crowded and is a cove with gentle water, and soft sand. There are also restrooms, showers, and rumor has it an iced coffee and ice cream food truck this summer! This was a great way to have some fun with a few families with young kids. It’s a safe place for kids to run and explore and a fun way for adults to be able to gather and catch up.

Sailing on The Fame:

We had some friends from the New York City area join us a few years ago for a weekend in the area and the highlight was a sail on the Schooner Fame. The crew is always professional, knowledgeable, and fun. Kids (or kids-at-heart like me!) can hoist the sails and try their hand at the rudder. The cannon blast is always, well, a blast! You can also sit on the bow and sail the day away with a rum drink in hand.

Salem Willows:

The Willows is known for its arcade and beach food, but we love coming to the Willows for more than a big hit on the Big Bass game. Dead Horse Beach and the surrounding cove are a fun place to explore at low tide. You can fill your pockets with sea glass, catch hermit crabs, and build castles on the shore. The Clam Shack offers an amazing assortment of fried goodness and is a great place to dine al fresco. It would also be wrong not to stop at Hobbs for an ice cream and popcorn bar.


Working where I work, it’s clear that I love history. You are surrounded by stories everywhere you turn in Salem. If you’re with the family, a Salem Kids Tour is a perfect way to get the lay of the land. If you’re with adults, a Salem Food Tour is the perfect combination of food, drink, and history. Historic sites in Salem ranging from unique burial grounds to merchant homes to our own National Park Service site showcase the city’s past relevance while connecting it to the future. As a plug for The Gables, I’d be remiss to say that I have yet to take someone up the Secret Staircase who hasn’t loved the little adventure!


Date: July 22, 2019

Author: sperling

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