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What’s Happening This Week?

Caroline Emmerton is standing talking to children as they write around a table in the House of the Seven Gables.Happy Birthday, Miss Emmerton!

We wanted to start off this week with a belated birthday wish to our founder, Caroline Emmerton! Caroline Osgood Emmerton was born on April 21, 1866, in Salem, Mass.  Emmerton grew up in a city that was transitioning from its past as a major shipping port to its future as a manufacturing center for both textiles and the leather industry. George Emmerton, Caroline’s father, worked in the growing chemical industry. The Salem that Caroline grew up in was the Salem of “The Gilded Age,” when advances in machinery led to economic growth, waves of immigration, and tension around class inequality. These trends influenced Emmerton’s career choice later in life. including the restoration of The House of the Seven Gables and upstart of her settlement work.


Thanks to our local media

Our POP! Goes The Gables exhibit has been a lot of fun for our visitors to check out. We’ve had some great surprise guests, including Carl Stevens – a fixture on our local news radio station, WBZ 1030. Thank you to that station, North Shore 104.9, the Salem News, and our many local media sources for sharing information about this fabulous, fun, and informative exhibit at The Gables!

Bewitched: A Show, Statue, and Icon

On Wednesday night at 6:30, we’ll be hosting the second talk in our Seven Lectures at Seven Gables series. Robert J. Thompson is the founding director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture and a Trustee Professor of Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University. Dubbed a “pop culture ambassador” by the Associated Press, Robert Thompson has contributed to hundreds of radio and TV programs and publications. He’ll be talking about Bewitched – as a show, statue, and icon of classic television. Join us for an overview of the history of television and how it continues to impact us today. Reserve your space at



Celebrate ArtWeek at The Gables

Last, but not least, we’re hosting our first instameet! On April 27, we have a partnership event with Creative Collective .  On April 28, we have very limited space available for the 9:00 and 9:45 behind-the-scenes Instagram event in conjunction with ArtWeek Boston. Get all of the details here!



Date: April 22, 2019

Author: sperling

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