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Upcoming Exhibit: POP! Goes The Gables

On a visit to his Cousin Susanna’s house on Turner Street in 1840, Nathaniel Hawthorne learned something.  “…in speaking of the old house, she said that it has had in the history of its changes and alterations Seven Gables.  The expression was new and struck me very forcibly; I think I shall make something of it…”  His letter pinpointed a moment of inspiration that sparked a novel. That novel has gone on to influence people in many ways and by effect popular culture ever since.

Our Pop! Goes the Gables exhibit, opening on April 5, 2019, will highlight the influences that Hawthorne’s 1851 book and our historic site have had on various types of media and on popular culture.  This new exhibit will draw on a rich tradition of novels, films, comic books, and television shows. It will also tackle the positive and negative impacts of popular culture on our society.  The early 20th century Settlement House movement, of which our museum founder Caroline Emmerton was the local champion, not only introduced immigrants to American culture but in some ways strove to replace their old traditions.  With the help of an exciting variety of lectures and events throughout the year, Pop! Goes the Gables will invite guests to explore these issues and ponder the question: “Whose culture is pop culture?”.

Date: December 20, 2018

Author: Sarah Garriepy

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