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American Dreams Series

Starting on October 1, the Salem News will be running a series of op-ed essays entitled American Dreams. These essays are being compiled by local writer Rae Francoeur and will feature the stories of immigrants living on the North Shore. Each part of this four-part series will help connect the readership with the newer population working to establish themselves.

Each “slice of life” will share the experience of residents in the area. From juggling work, childcare and night classes; their aspirations; problems they’ve encountered; the reasons they are here; how they and their families have adjusted; their hopes for their children; and their connections with families in their countries of origin. Various aspects of their lives will be explored in this engaging series.

At The Gables, our settlement work has been helping newly arriving immigrants make connections to life in Salem for over a century. Some of the most moving experiences at The Gables happen in our settlement programming and we look forward to sharing the joy, hope and resolve that The Gables encounters daily. Links to the essays will be shared on our social media as they are released. If local, we encourage you to pick up a copy of The Salem News

Date: October 1, 2018

Author: sperling

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