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Week 3 at H7G

My third week here with The House of the Seven Gables museum has been an exciting continuation of the work I had previously been building up to. This week, I have been given the reigns to the social media accounts, posting on both Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms have allowed myself to interact with the fans and visitors of the museum, which has proven to be a rewarding experience. Also, along with the operation of the H7G social media presence, I spent time doing reputation management on review sites TripAdvisor, Google Business as well as Facebook. In conjunction with my online presence on behalf of the museum, I have also begun work on a photography project for the museum store’s website. I have taken pictures of the stock that will be going up on the site, and will use Photoshop to make the images suitable for the online store.

Along with my work in the office, this week I also have the opportunity to use  my Destination Salem staff pass. This gives me an exciting opportunity to explore the legendary town, checking out other landmarks and museums that coexist with H7G. I will be able to compare how the different museums function and have there niche in this historic area.


Date: June 28, 2018

Author: sperling

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