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Gables-themes prizes awards for Massachusetts History Day Winners

The House of the Seven Gables worked with the organizers for Massachusetts History Day to offer prizes for middle and high school students who have researched and presented exemplary history projects throughout the state. In 2018, the organizers used the prizes to award students’ hard work in the Best Projects in Salem History category.

Winners include:

  • Lily Wainwright and Michelle Moreney, Massacre of the Innocent: The Use of Spectral Evidence During the Salem Witch Trials, Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School
  • Stella DePaula and Sophia Zullo Conflict in Salem: The Witchcraft Trials, Stoneham Central Middle School
  • Amanda Kosta, Daniel Cardona, and Juliana DelGreco Tituba: Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Susan B. Anthony Middle School
  • Erin Kaye Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Villifying Women During the Conflict in Salem Monsignor Haddad Middle School

The organizers of the event were especially grateful for the donation from The Gables. “In addition to highlighting the incredible research of our student competitors, your sponsorship helps them see the real world applications of historic research, and connects them to institutions like yours around the Commonwealth.”

We look forward to participating in this great event for years to come!


Date: April 27, 2018

Author: sperling

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