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An American Tail: A movie ahead of its time

February 12, 2018 Published By Julie Arrison-Bishop

Join us over February Vacation for a family movie night featuring An American Tail

Next Tuesday, we’ll be hosting a family movie night at The House of the Seven Gables. It’s a great chance to get out of the house during the cold, New England winter and to find something meaningful to do with your kids. Meaningful? Family movie night? Yes.

The House of the Seven Gables was founded in 1910 by Caroline Emmerton. She restored the 1668 mansion into a place to tell the story of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s famed novel. She used the proceeds from visitors to support educational programs for newly arriving immigrant families to the Derby Street neighborhood. Her settlement house helped local immigrants, most from Eastern Europe, learn important skills so they would be able to navigate in both Salem and American society. From cooking and sewing to industrial arts to English, it was all offered. Today, The Gables still serves newly arriving immigrant families with packed ESL and Citizenship classes; our Caribbean Connections summer enrichment program; and our Community Conversation series. We’re proud to still hold true to our dual mission of preservation and education.

This brings us back to An American Tail. It’s hard for people of all ages not to see or hear news nowadays and immigration is one of the hot button topics. While this G rated movie is 30+ years old, it uses Fivel’s story, his love of his family, his determination, and his history to help him find his own American Dream. It’s nearly impossible not to root for this tiny hero nor to be inspired by his tale/tail. We also feel this movie is a great way to help young minds understand what it’s like to navigate a new place when you might not know all of the “rules.” The movie is a timeless story, yet relevant to today’s conversations.

So, meaningful family movie night? Yes. A great way for kids to discover more about their world? Absolutely. We hope you’ll be able to join us. Seating will be limited and advance tickets are highly recommended!

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This post was written by Julie Arrison-Bishop