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Dearest Dove: A Preview

by: Julie Arrison-Bishop, Special Projects Manager

The House of the Seven Gables staff is looking forward to kicking off the 350th anniversary of the Turner-Ingersoll mansion with some great winter programming. This week, playwright and director Anne Lucas met with Karen Nascembeni of the North Shore Music Theatre and Dana Hersey, the morning host for North Shore 104.9 for a read-through of February’s Dearest Dove performance. After seeing this group in action, even just for a first read-through, you’ll want to get your tickets immediately for this event. The group is incredibly talented and you’ll love the presentation.

Anne created this program a few years ago as a way to pay homage to the special story of Nathaniel and Sophia Hawthorne–a love story that was rarely easy to live or for historians to tell. The performance involves actual correspondence from the couple over the duration of their relationship. There are moments that will bring laughter and others that are poignant reminders of the connections that make relationships important–even in 2017.

This event will kick off with a wine and chocolate reception, featuring tasty treats from our neighborhood chocolate shop, Ye Olde Pepper Candie Companie. Dearest Dove will be a featured event during Salem’s So Sweet weekend–come for the ice sculptures and stay for the love story with your favorite Valentine on February 10.

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Date: December 21, 2017

Author: sperling

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