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Plummer Home Artists’ Showcase at The Gables

At The House of the Seven Gables, students from Plummer Home’s On Point extension program exhibited their illustrations for the Caribbean Tales.

  Artists Yordanis and Tre show their illustrations for two stories, “Elena the Mermaid” and “El Cuco” (The Boogeyman).
Striking paper sculpture by Freddy, a Salem High School artist, inspired the story about The Great Flight of the Nimitas, or fireflies.

Students learned how a swarm of fireflies, or nimitas, escaped a fearsome Caribbean hurricane with the help of a stately swan.

The fireflies found new homes in the United States!


Jordan helped retell the painful history of the native peoples of the Caribbean after Columbus’ landing in the Dominican Republic in 1492.

Legends tell how some native people retreated into the interior of the island and became the elusive “Indians of the Waters” of Dominican lore.

In “The Indians of the Waters,” Taíno children Elianny and her brother Wandy stick together! They survive many trials and dangers.

Another artist, Morgan, depicted the resourcefulness and courage of Elianny and Wandy after the loss of their parents.

According to other legends, some native people became ciguapas, or mermaid-like creatures. Ciguapas are impossible to track because their feet point backwards. 

Students read The Secret Footprints by Julia Alvarez, a story about these mysterious creatures. They created their own versions of ciguapas, who live at the bottom of the sea.

 And then there are sirens, or mermaids. One story told how Elena the mermaid led a double life – she was a mermaid by night, and a rapping diva by day.

Who is that terrifying creature who comes at night to scare children?  Traditional stories about El Cuco, or the boogeyman, are plentiful throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.


There’s no better way to conquer your fear than to draw it! This drawing is by Tre, a student engaged through the On Point extension run by The Plummer Home for Boys.

 Just the opposite ofEl Cuco, the nimitas, or fireflies, are comforting creatures. According to Dominican storytelling tradition, many people believe that nimitasare the spirits of their loved ones who have passed away but who still watch over their families.


Nimitas have great personalities – as shown by On Point artist Steven!


 Creativity calls for expression AND celebration!  Staff members from Plummer Home and The Gables salute the artists and mark a milestone in community partnership.


Date: September 27, 2013

Author: sperling

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