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Settlement House Update

February 20, 2012 Published By sperling
The Settlement House is looking great again! After about a month of intensive labor, the masons at Avico have replaced hundreds of bricks and mud, and have restored much of the northern side of the building.

The first part of the process was to rip down all of the bricks and cement filling and get down to the undamaged underbelly of the building. Note the cement blocks at the top being cover over with new bricks and mud…

The next steps are to fit the bricks precisely so that the corners match up perfectly…
The corners of the building are the some of the most labor intensive areas.

The nearly finished product is impressive. They took time to even “age” the bricks so they would not be so glaringly different than the rest of the building which was erected in 1806/07.

The Salem Prep School that inhabits The Settlement House is on vacation this week, and they have settled in nicely to the area. The kids attending there are very appreciative that they have a building with a gymnasium and kitchen for their enrichment. 
Spring plans including possibly putting in a vegetable/herb garden, 
as well as beautifying the Settlement House with pretty annuals and some perennials!
We are glad to have them as part of The Gables’ site!
Thank you for your virtual visit today. Hope to see you at The Gables soon.

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