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Dusty and The 7 Gables

Dusty, The 7 Gables’ most trusted mascot, has been making the rounds almost daily here onsite!

As the days get a bit longer, and the weather more mild, Dusty, the enormous, soft, purring Coon Cat, can almost always be found – for at least a time – lounging on the wrap we use to secure your gifts at the Museum Gift Shop! Here are a couple shots of Dusty in action a couple of days ago:

You may have heard of having the “life of Reilly?” Well, here at The Gables, it’s definitely something to aspire to have the life of Dusty! We love him!
The weather continues to be mild and oh, so nice for walking around Salem’s many interesting museums, restaurants and shops. Today it’s nearly 50 degrees and very spring-like. Many spring bulbs in our garden have already started to emerge. February, it seems, is the new April in Massachusetts this year!
Here’s the seaside garden on a recent sunny day:
The lawn still has a green tint!
Thank you for your virtual visit again today to our blog. Hope to see you soon.

Date: February 16, 2012

Author: sperling

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