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The House of the 7 Gables features fabrics!

January 30, 2012 Published By sperling
One thing you may or may not know about the 7 Gables’ Executive Director, Anita Blackaby, is that she is a masterful quilt-maker. Her gorgeous quilts have garnered attention, as well as a goodly amount of money for the Gables in many of our fundraising auctions!

Blackaby, with her keen eye and attention to detail, decided it would be a great step for the Gables to create and sell fabrics inspired by the amazing wallpapers in The House of the 7 Gables! A fantastic idea! Take a look at just few of the many Gables-inspired fabrics (Remember, you can click on any photo to enlarge it):

They can be ordered through the 7 Gables’ Museum Store. Just call 978-741-0991, then press 6.

This is the view from Blackaby’s office just this morning. The views of the ocean, especially on these crisp winter days are just stunning!

We hope you enjoyed your virtual visit today and will join us soon to witness the amazing new exhibits on display in the 7 Gables and Hawthorne House!

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