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Seven Gables events

We have been busily going through our photo archives (among other things) and have found some fabulous pictures from the past that we would like to share.

As you may or may not be aware, the House of the Seven Gables has fantastic buildings and gardens for hosting a perfect event. As spring and summer are upon us very shortly, we thought we would show a few pictures of the property during a gala!

Whether a wedding, baby shower, party, auction or a private corporate event, the 7 Gables has the perfect solution to your amazing event! Let us help you plan an experience for your guests creating memories as long-lasting as our House!

For information, please call us 978-744-0991.

Our next blog will feature the finished calligraphy in the Hawthorne House and a bit more about the amazing calligrapher who did the work.

Thanks for your virtual visit to the Gables!

Come back soon for more updates!

Date: January 16, 2012

Author: sperling

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