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Opening Day at the 7 Gables

Happy New Year to you and to the 7 Gables! Today is our opening day for the New Year with loads of fantastic changes for our visitors to experience. In comparison to the disarray of the rooms in the Gables and the Hawthorne house, today all the rooms are put together perfectly:

 The bedroom in the Hawthorne House.
 The dining area in the House of the 7 Gables.

One of the really amazing additions that visitors will soon see are beautiful quotes from Nathaniel Hawthorne that are being installed on the walls in his birth house on our site. A very talented calligrapher is here today to do the installation and we will be updating the work in progress throughout the day. Here is a sample of one of the lovely quotes that she has sketched out on paper:

Because of this new installation, a few rooms in the Hawthorne House will not be available for tours until January 18th.

After a rainy night, Salem awoke to temperatures in the 50s today and a very dramatic sky to begin our day. More seasonal temperatures are coming, so we are happy to have our visitors enjoying the gorgeous grounds while this warmth is with us! Note, the grass is still green on our lawn:

Check back later to see the beautiful calligraphy in progress!

Thanks for your virtual visit!

Date: January 13, 2012

Author: sperling

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